Khyber Patent Summary

Our IP should appeal to OEMs, ODMs, and providers of platforms, infrastructures, and contents for smartphones and tablets. They can purchase all or a portion of the portfolio, or even options to purchase desired patents at a future date after they are commercialized.


21. Mobile keyboard attached to a phone or tablet in (a) a notebook mode for key-entry, (b) carried in the front as a lid, or (c) stowed behind the main unit.

Prospects: Makers of Tablet keyboard.
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12. Clip-on Headset carried on a phone, tablet, or laptop — for calls, videos, and casual music – without the user having to wear one all the time or disturbing those around by turn on the phone speaker.

Prospects: Makers of Bluetooth headsets and Smartphones. Video content providers.
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3. Docking Display Unit transforms into a tablet or a notebook by having a smartphone dock in and provide the central processor and a touchpad capability to the combined unit.

Prospects:     Smartphone makers.
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44. Size-adaptable ADD-ON MODULE adds new functions to smartphones and tablets of different sizes. Especially suited for vertical enterprise applications.

Prospects: Makers of AutoID Mobile Devices
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55. Rear-mounted Navigation Controls for unobstructive use as a feature for smartphones and tablets. Pending application.

Prospects: Gaming and other peripheral makers for smartphones and tablets.