Khyber Patent Summary

Patented Product Concepts for Mobile Device Makers

A Vision of Mobile Form-n-function As Product Differentiators: In a crowd of smartphones and tablets — with virtually similar hardware and software — the products look and perform very similar to each other. To this space Khyber inventions bring differentiating features that consumers can readily identify and be compelled to buy. The patented features are simple to implement, mainly requiring repackaging of current electronics into new form and functions taught by Khyber utility patents. Captured in these patents is ten years of creative work of a veteran engineer, preceded by twenty-year track record of patents sold to industry leaders and widely licensed in the industry.


Always Accessible on Smartphones and Never Get Lost

U-shaped wireless headsets clip onto and become a part of the smartphone, readily available for videos, calls, and music. An optional accessory attaches to the phone and charges the headsets while clipped on. For traditional wireless headsets, custom holder/chargers can be developed to render the clip-on capability.

US 6,952,617
US 7,149,543
China ZL 00801959-2
US 8,483,755
US 9,883,279


Attaches to Tablet in Multiple Ways…

Mobile keyboard attaches to tablet in multiple ways. (a) In notebook mode, and  (b1) In the front as a lid, or (b2) stowed behind when not used. Most of the dock-able keyboard devices, already in the market, should be licensed under these patents.

US 7,577,462
Re-Issued RE44122E
Re-Issued RE45181E
China ZL 201310149695.5


For Gaming on Smartphones

A navigation pad located on the rear of smartphone or a tablet. Some smartphones in the market may be candidates for licensing under these patents but a big market opportunity is future applications for gaming on smartphones and tablets.

China ZL201110091145.3
India 260736
US Pending
Canada Pending


Smartphones for All AutoID Applications

Smartphones lack custom features, needed for commercial use in Barcode and RFID field. Traditional add-on modules are poor investments for user companies because they go obsolete due to ever-changing sizes of smartphones. Now, the Khyber invention can help in this space, where Khyber founder created trendsetting products during this industry’s prime in the Eighties (Telxon Corp now part of Motorola Solutions).

US 8,783,574
US 9,189,025
India 265144


Notebook Monitor for Smartphones

A notebook monitor with a smartphone docking port located where a trackpad normally goes. This is a more comprehensive solution than the industry’s other solutions — a display dock cable connected to a desktop monitor, (i.e. HP Elite x3 dock with MS Continuum, Samsung S8 with DeX, and Nintendo Switch Dock).

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US 8,600,437
India Pending