Khyber’s IP Portfolio

Khyber owns over 50 US and international, issued and pending patents. Its key patents are in the area of PDAs, cell phones, and smart phones. Some of the early patents are for vertical applications of handheld computers for the enterprise, requiring employment of wide-area and/or local-area wireless networks, barcodes, RFID, smart cards, and
magnetic-strip cards.

Khyber’s IP strategically packages convergent technologies into new form-and-functions. The patents teach unique and superior product-designs that increase user-productivity and reduce the customer’s cost of owning and maintaining the equipment. As a result, the products of Khyber’s design leapfrog over competition, are trend-setting, and often reate new categories.

Licensing and Employing Khyber IP

To reap the benefits of the Khyber patents, licensees can repackage their current products into a desired form-factor taught by the Khyber patents. In this respect,
besides providing patent licenses, Khyber can provide other levels of support to its clients, in order to facilitate the development of the licensed products. The support can be in the form of development of working demo-units, prototypes, or even full engineering development and manufactured units. The level and the nature of such support are entirely dependent upon the needs of the licensees.

To provide such services, Khyber taps into independent resources – local and international – for engineering as well as manufacturing work. Depending upon the need, the chief scientist Raj Kumar can work with the clients’ in-house engineering, marketing, and/or sales organizations. Khyber does not develop its own products, thereby eliminating possible conflicts of interest with the clients on an organizational as well as individual level.

It is Khyber’s intent to employ its IP in ways that will deliver optimum value to its clients. Khyber will work with prospective clients to prepare a suitable license that includes rights to desired Khyber patents and designs from the Khyber portfolio. Depending upon availability, licenses with limited exclusivity can be packaged for a combination of patents and designs, which will give the Khyber clients an added advantage in the market to launch their licensed products.

Display Unit with Docking CPU and TrackPad

Patent #8,600,437


Unit with Docking UI & Headset

image003.jpgPatent #8,483,755


Portable Unit with Detachable Headset

Patent# 6,952,617 & 7,149,543


Dock-able Keyboard

Re-issue: RE44,122. Patent# 7,577,462. Other related US and international patents pending.


Display Unit & Docking Device with CPU (sold)

Patent# 7,120,462, 7,831,276


Portable Messaging Device (Sold)

Patents #5,696,496, #5,648,760, #6,072,401 & # 6,961,004
License to this patent family has been sold to leading makers of computers and smartphones for over 100 million mobile devices.

Keyboard with Planar Motion (sold)

pat4.gifPatent #5,638,257 


Scanner Card (sold)

pat6.gifPatent #5902991


Palmtop Protective Case/Handle

pat8.gifPatent #5,632,373


Card Reading Terminal with Shield

pat10.gifPatent #5,265,951


Removable Display/Scanning Module

pat11.gifPatent #5,371,348