News 2001-2002

Khyber Wins “Designing & Engineering Showcase” Award
FAIRLAWN, OH , January 25, 2001
– Khyber Technologies’ newest product, the PocketPartner, was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month. Khyber’s booth was located in the Emerging Technologies pavilion. Khyber was also presented with the Design & Engineering Showcase Award for the PocketPartner 200.

In addition to the award, the PocketPartner and the PocketDock (a peripheral device for the PocketPartner) were displayed in the “Best of Show” display case at CES. When asked for a comment about the show, Khyber’s founder and CEO, Raj Kumar stated, “The feedback that we received at the show was outstanding. Many who saw the PocketPartner and the PocketDock were very excited about it. We have received numerous inquiries about the products and Khyber in general since we returned from the show. Our focus now will be continued engineering on both the PocketPartner and the PocketDock, as well as marketing of the product to various industries.”

Kumar went on to mention that production on the first set of PocketPartner units began this month. Production on the PocketDock will commence later this year.