Size Adaptable Add-On Module Patent

Size Adaptable Add-On Module Patent

Khyber Technologies announces the licensing availability of US Patent 8,783,574 B2.  This patent was filed in 2005, with a priority date of May 5th, 2004.  The patent was published on July 22nd, 2014.

From the US Patent Abstract:

The invention relates to a peripheral unit system that provides a universally usable system for adding peripheral functions to off-the-shelf handheld host devices of variable size and configuration.

The deployment of such a Size-Adaptable Add-On Module adds new functions to smartphones and tablets of different sizes.  This is especially suited for vertical enterprise applications.


Specifically, the module captures a PDA between two arms on the module.  These arms are adjustable via screw to adapt to PDAs of different widths.  A drop-in cradle charges the now integrated unit in similar fashion as conventional Auto-ID units.  A prototype developed by Khyber Technologies for a client and the concept has been successfully proven and enhanced because of the development.

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