In a crowd of mobile devices — with virtually similar CPUs, OSs, and networks — the products look and perform very similar to each other, thereby getting commoditized. The makers have to compete increasingly on price. Therefore, they need to implement product differentiators that consumers can readily notice and be attracted to buy them.

My patents in new form-and-functions deliver such product differentiators. What’s more, employing them will require just repackaging of the current product-technology into new form-factors, resulting in smaller development capital and shorter time to market for the new products.

 Over 100 million PDAs and phones have been licensed under my patents. Previously, I lead the creation and launch of trendsetting handheld computers for barcodes. I am now offering my remaining patents and related IP, to OEMs and mobile platform providers. As an advisor, I can help in development and launch of related new products where needed by the buyers.

 My creativity of the last ten years is captured in these patents. Unlike the industry’s recent take on patents as an asset for offensive or defensive posturing, I hope to catch the attention of product innovators in prospective buyer organizations.

Contact Raj Kumar directly and request a password and link to download the complete 2014 patents offering.

– Raj Kumar/ Inventor/ Founder/ CEO